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Terminology Cloudways - A managed Cloud Web Hosting platform that can be used with Cloud services provider. This makes things easier by providing a user-friendly interface to manage application like WordPress. The 1…

Migrate Wordpress to Cloudways Using Migrator Plugin (19)

Hi, If I express my experience in one line, Cloudways is a one web hosting which I personally feel very reliable for a professional Blogger, Web designer, and Developer. I have been a loyal customer for a long time. …

How to Backup & Restore WordPress with Updraftplus? (18)

Imagine… Last night your site was hacked! :fearful: Or, went down after updating your favourite plugin! Or, hosting team suspended your site! In such difficult moment, having no backup is a feeling of insecurity. If…

Best Hosting for WordPress in my opinion ( 2 ) (23)

A web hosting is the powerhouse of your site. Today, If you search on Google ‘best hosting for WordPress’, you may find a list in the descending order according to the highest Affiliate commission, not performance. I ca…

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