13 Useless Distractions Newbie Marketers Worry About That Have Zero Impact on Success

I agree with this article for many points. What’s your thoughts?

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Agreed. Adding few more:-

  1. Using social media like Facebook, Twitter to drive traffic. It never works until you pay for ads or you are extremely active on the community that in turn trades your productive time.

  2. I disagree with post frequency as in beginning one needs some regular posting to get traction from google.

  3. Writing relevant content as per the topic.
    If the question is 10 signs of tuberculosis unnecessarily adding 5 more subtopics won’t help much. Relevancy is the key!

  4. Keyword tools never give you the write volume. Most people go after 15k-100k volume keyword which either is super competitive or is so broad that you never rank for it. Use your mind and think if you will search for the topic. If yes, go for it.