2 Important Updates in YouTube

  1. YouTube is going to add Audio ads very soon same as we get in Spotify and JioSaavn

  2. YouTube will show ads even if you are not enrolled for YouTube Partnership Program, and won’t pay you for it.


At this point they should just change their name to Adtube.


They are now going towards becoming a website similar to OpenLoad and VERYStream. Only difference is that YouTube ads can be watched by Kids(sometimes) while we need to go sit in corner of our room to watch videos on OpenLoad and VeryStream😅

@GulshanKumar Please, for God sake remove this plugin which removes the quote. This is very very annoying. Ughh😐

I’m using YouTube premium and it’s very good to avoid all the ads and play videos in background. Plus youtube music also plays everything without ads.

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I am also a YouTube Premium member but, I am concerned about Creators

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Same here…YouTube premium is good. :heart_eyes_cat:

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I don’t use any such plugin. But I see you use quote a lot. Can you share in video with steps to repro? I will see what can be done to bring back. :blush:

I’m good with ads as long as they monitor them, recently youtube ad become porn videos

If this is the case, will YouTube enable monetization for newbies? They want to show ads and don’t want to pay? It looks shady.