20 Days Challenge

Here is a 20 days challenge for all bloggers in this community:

  1. Write 20 or more blog post comprising of 40000 words in total
  2. Or make 20 youtube video on a channel of yours


  1. Keeps yourself busy in work
  2. Will Give a boost to your blog when this crisis is over.
  3. Will help in achieving the goal of everyone being on the home.
  4. As it will be like a competition, it shall help in Proper utilization of our time without distraction.

So, what says everyone are you up for the challenge?
& every one else?


Definitely I have also planned for this lockdown to work 15 hours a day and writing atleast one article and do some research work.

Great challenge!

I’m busy with some of my projects so I won’t be able to participate in this but others should definitely try writing for 20 days.

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Good challenge, I would like to take it but I am busy is something else. Every new blogger must use this opportunity because whole india is going to be online and a lot of traffic available

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I already planned to write at least 150 blog posts in this 20 day time on my blog.


You are a hard working guy, I’ll give you that. Do you still work from your Mobile phone?


What you’ll give?

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Can you please give the context and whom you asked above?

I meant no disrespect, I praised you cause you work hard thats it, Last year you mentioned that you work from your Samsung phone, I just wanted to know if you still work from it.


@Boba My vocab is not that good. LOL

No more. I bought DELL 3567 Laptop few months ago


congrats biro

Is he still a hard-working guy now that he owns a laptop? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Thanks. It’s not that good. But, I get all my college and blogging work done. I will upgrade to a better one in next few months and give it to my younger sister :slight_smile:


LOL! You got me. Now I am too lazy

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