24 inch vs 27 inch monitor for blogging

I want to buy a monitor to connect my macbook air.
Which is best monitor size for blogging 24 or 27 inches.
Any good reccomendation is appreciable.

using a 24-inch monitor for work and gaming.

Model: MSI Optix G241 | My honest rating: 9/10 | Con: the monitor action button, could be more improved, but you will just need it just once to set up your desired mode.

If you need 27 inch then there is a MSI Optix G271


24 inch enough. 27 inch becomes too big and might strain eyes. Also decide this based on distance from monitor. If 1 arm distance from monitor then 21 or 24 inch. If more then that then 27 inch is fine.


I’m using a 27 inch 4K UHD LG monitor. As you’re using a Macbook, it’s recommended to go with a 4k monitor as it will match your mac retina screen.

My monitor model is this https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B078GRM2MV/


I use this one.


  • Slim design.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Doesn’t strain eyes.
  • Great for creative work.
  • The color output is okayish.
  • Customer Care are reachable for help.
  • Great for watching movies, playing games.


  • Nothing. Not the best. Not the worst either.


  • Do not use liquid spray for cleaning. It can harm LCD and cost up to INR 7,000.
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