[$30/month] Woocommerce Hosting Suggestion Needed (Managed, Semi Managed)

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-> Woocommerce hosting (Audience India)


Option 1:
Kinsta (Location Mumbai)
Starter $30/month


  • Monthly visits 20,000
  • PHP workers per site are 2, which is not recommended by kinsta for e-commerce

Option 2:

Cloudways with Digitalocean (Data Center Banglore)
DO1GB = 1 GB, 1 Core, 25GB, 1TB, $10/month
Bunnycdn (region Asia 667GB $20/month)
Total = $30/month


Cloudways DO2GB = 2 GB, 1 Core, 50GB, 2TB, $22/month
Bunnycdn (region Asia 267GB $8/month)
Total = $30/month


Cloudways DO1GB ($10/month) + Bunnycdn (region Asia 50GB $1.50/month)
Total = $11.50/month (SAVE $18.50)


Cloudways + Stackpath “Edge Delivery 20” plan

  • CDN – 1TB/mo Bandwidth
  • WAF – 5M/mo Requests & 5 Rules
  • DNS – 2M/mo DNS Requests
  • Monitoring – 1 Service

Total = $30/month


Cloudways + Stackpath CDN (1TB $10/month)
Total = $20/month (SAVE $10)

Also, please review/check closte

For Indian audience, Stackpath is not suitable because it doesn’t have Indian PoP

Kinsta $30 plan is not suitable for WooCommerce because less PHP worker.

Your best bet would be using Cloudways + BunnyCDN.

That’s all.

Thank you for your response :relaxed: I’ll go with cloudways and BunnyCDN

If possible, please review/check “closte”

Support isn’t good as I have heard.

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