301 redirect to another domain

I have moved my domain to new domain then I lost ranking.

Anyone have experience with 301 redirect? How many days it takes to recover ranking?

I was ranking on the first page for some search terms. But after 301 redirect it is ranking on the 4th or 5th page.

Hello @saifuddinsk

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Moving to a new domain properly can be tricky. If you have lost traffic during this process, I would like to have your answer about …

  1. While migration, did you faced downtime for long time? If yes, this can affect?

  2. Are you using reliable DNS and hosting?

  3. Have you checked crawl report in the Google Search Console?

  4. Did you submitted Sitemap once again?

  5. Did you setup wildcard redirect from old to new domain? This includes having support for HTTP/HTTPS/HTTP-non-www/HTTPS-www.

  6. May be you have some existing redirect rules at your old website from old to new permalink?Webmasters often use .htaccess or nginx rule or Redirection kind of plugin to manage lots of redirect. If you switched to a new domain, you have to take care about it.

  7. Did you checked for broken links after moving to new domain?

  8. Have you replaced all internal links to new domain?

  9. Did you requested Google to make change of address?

  10. In case you previously had backlinks, did you submitted Disavow files again?

  11. Is your new domain already penalized? Have you checked its review/reputation/backlink?

  12. Sometime premium theme and plugin stop working after switching new domain, make sure those are in right place and doesn’t cause missing important features.

  13. Do you use a CDN based on subdomain? If yes, consider checking your sitemap, make sure CDN path is correct for the images.

These are some basic things you need to take care.

I hope this helps.

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It’s hosted on blogger so there’s no downtime.
It’s not a penalized domain.

Everything was working fine and I just changed the domain everything else is the same.

It’s been 20 days still not recovering old ranking.
Should I change it back to old domain?

Seems something incomplete.

I can suggest, you may switch back to old domain.

Usually how many days it takes?

It may take up to few weeks. There is no official deadline.