4 signs you've got a client from hell..!


Before you read this - Please accept my apology, because the content which I am sharing is rude. You may not accept it. However, if you are in any business you may need to know this to preventing wasting your valuable time.

Thanks for your kind understanding in advanced!

What a great fraud with me, from now i am not visiting any freelancing site in future

Congratulation on getting your first rude Customer on Fiverr


Did you get madass buyer on Fiverr?


With due privacy and respect… I can tell you in the short.

  • Thanks god! I didn’t worked with me. It’s better to know habit of buyer before starting working with him.

  • He had some queries regarding optimization.

  • I asked let me know the site URL.

  • I checked and replied in few hour.

  • He contacted back and dropped 50+ message in one or two words.

  • I thought he is really going to be a big trouble for today, as his habit look like unprofessional way of communication.

  • I still kept patience and we contacted over Teamviewer. I explained him politely, please write slowly and ask your queries one by one.

  • One query resolved, then another order and offer we will start. But he was expecting everything in few dollar.

  • I was totally annoyed. Finally, I disconnected teamviewer saying. Sorry, I don’t work this way. If you cannot explain thing slowly and precisely.

  • I blocked his 3 profiles so far. and, I hope he don’t ping me again. Else, again I will block. I dont want to work with such person.

  • Thankfully, I never took any money or started order for him and we were just discussing what need to be done.


Country of the buyer please?


And… what!!! You already know! Do I need to reveal? I don’t think so!


Tell me the country name clearly… or…


India. I really being bit skeptical now a days while working with Indians.

Well, I am thankful I grew up from there and met so many amazing buyers. I am not saying all are same. Even there are many good thing which I can never forget… I have learned from few first Indian clients that I would be always thankful for it. Please don’t take anyone personally. and… one thing to be clear, it’s not about any forum member. The person was unknown to me.


I got only 3 Indian clients in my life… all of them are from this forum xd


My experience.

Client:- Hi can you do this?

Me :- Hi hello thanks dear regards etc etc.

Client:- Which plugin you use, I want specifications.

Me:- I use … Plugin.

Client:- ok

Order Completed :pray:



Not every client is like cow.

Not to be confused, here cow means, simple.


Funny thing, when I blocked his profile. Later, He sent me messages with two fake girl profiles. :joy:


You want me to end up with his countless request? I don’t want. I would accept loosing $60. Okay, but won’t accept such client. More than work, he will waste my time by asking hell lots of questions and revisions.


oh yeah, you leaked his chat on Twitter and deleted after my warning :stuck_out_tongue:


i was planning to sue you on your client behalf but you deleted the tweets before i could screenshot.


I have to be careful from you. :rage:



is a nice guy.


Holy cow! There was nothing potentially objectionable in that chat. Just his name.
I can still tweet that but leave that, I respect his privacy and I deleted it. Thanks for the warning.


Here’s more to learn


Guys, I swear: that person is not me…