5 reasons we don’t need to combine CSS/JS files with HTTP/2



HTTP/2. :slight_smile:



Seems complicated, will try this on a demo domain first. :slight_smile: Thanks


Not DNS, but every query generally has a wait time. Especially for sites with multiple adsense ad units. IN such cases, i prefer that CSS be loaded in a single file so that the DNS queries of Adsense receive more time and there is lesser wait time for the same. Hence, i generally combine and minify CSS files.


“Respect Existing Header”


Cloudflare CDN will maintain same time-period for keeping cache in the Browser, as existing cache settings plugin of your WordPress.

By having ‘Respect existing header’, we tell Cloudflare to do not override origin cache-control header response of static files. For example, if someone keep 8 days it is also good starting point, but it override cache plugin settings. You are free to keep as you wish. :slight_smile:


@Mustaasam_Saleem Welcome! Glad to see you :slight_smile:


@Mustaasam_Saleem Hey mate, could you please tell us wheyther Cloudways supports memecache by default?


Yes, it supports.


Is it enabled already or we need to do that manually?


You need to check at Server > Manage services option.


But it has to be configured on application by us :open_mouth: The support team told me :open_mouth:


Yes, you need to configure it with a supported plugin likeW3TC.


I am with Breeze… works great for me.

Any other way?


Sorry, no. I would recommend stick with it.


Do you mean I should continue using Breeze, and should stop bothering about Memecache?


Yes, continue with it. :slight_smile:


Real life case-study

With old-school approach, where combining exist

Without combination

In the age of HTTP/2, Grade doesn’t matter :stuck_out_tongue:

With right strategy, result matters :smiley: :smiley:

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Not using now. MariaDB at Cloudways, I had tried. There was little performance gain.


Yes, it’s great.