5 reasons we don’t need to combine CSS/JS files with HTTP/2



You need to check at Server > Manage services option.


But it has to be configured on application by us :open_mouth: The support team told me :open_mouth:


Yes, you need to configure it with a supported plugin likeW3TC.


I am with Breeze… works great for me.

Any other way?


Sorry, no. I would recommend stick with it.


Do you mean I should continue using Breeze, and should stop bothering about Memecache?


Yes, continue with it. :slight_smile:


Hi @BihariLala,
@gulshankumar guided you very well. :slight_smile:


Real life case-study

With old-school approach, where combining exist

Without combination

In the age of HTTP/2, Grade doesn’t matter :stuck_out_tongue:

With right strategy, result matters :smiley: :smiley:

Theme: Newspaper, WordPress.


Not using now. MariaDB at Cloudways, I had tried. There was little performance gain.


Yes, it’s great.


So as per this @gulshankumar - Dont use autoptimize for css and JS. Instead minify CSS from cloudflare? I will never minify JS but i want to minify css

is that correct?


Unless we use critical css approach via its premium add-on, I think at load time doesn’t improve much except few ms in the rare case. It involves sometime more risk of breaking site functionality, so I would suggest considering carefully or avoid.

At other hand, using minify CSS and JS of Cloudflare appears safe. I have never faced any issues with it. If well coded theme have, minifying HTML (removing html comments) is also okay.