504 Gateway Time out Nginx

Every time I am updating any plugin this error is coming?
How to fix this?

How ever I can see the updates version of plugin after refreshing the page.

I am attaching the screenshot of this issue.

Are you using Cloudflare CDN?

If you’re available right now, message me on WhatsApp, and let me check it personally.

P.S. No need to remove my WhatsApp number from here, it’s my business number so available in public domain :slight_smile:

# Grace period 
fastcgi_read_timeout 120;

This is needed because in India it takes bit longer to receive data from WordPress.org US based server.

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So, anything to fix?
And @Wasim_Akram make sure you have excluded Cloudflare from WP Admin by adding a page rule using.

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Yes I m using it

But only dns

Ok i test it tell you the result

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Then ignore this

@Wasim_Akram Any updates?

It didn’t work.

I tested this inside fastcgi.conf
And inside nginx.conf

It is the same.

Try checking once log file to see what exactly it says.