505 Error


I log in to my WordPress Dashboard after 24 hours as I was unable to log in due to a resource limit issue.

The moment I log in. I check how many requests were made by my site and I found that my website page was making 30-32 per page. Even when I use only an article-length of 1000 -1200 words. (combination of inline CSS { forty character } and Image).

When I checked my dashboard request I found Dashboard is making 130 requests. It is normal or abnormal. As, Even, I am newbie I did not guess it is normal.



How many plugins do you use?


15 plugins
and 1 is uninstall

Yoast SeO
REally simple SSL
Mail chimp
Easy hide login
A2fixed W3 total cache
Ewww Optimize image


These plugins are known to increase server load

  • WordFence - Avoid it.
  • Ewww Optimize image - Free version
  • Jetpack - disable unused modules
  • Redirection - Plugin is good but its countless logs, should be turned off.


“as per your other post”

The heartbeat plugin is the culprit here. It comes into picture when you are logged into word press dashboard

Logout from wordpress and then check CPU usage, if it is still high then there is some other issue

Check the no of CRON jobs running (use https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-cron-control/) plugin to find out.