6 Months of Using a Self-Hosted Mail Server


Around 6 Months ago, I was very frustrated by the changing policies of Email Service Providers. All of them tracking email inbox for serving “relevant” advertisements.

I then took matter into my own hands and set up my own mail server.
It’s Powered by the awesome https://mailcow.email

Overall, I’m very Happy due to the following reasons:

  • No Unwanted SPAM: Almost 99% of that unwanted spam is blocked before it ever hits my spam folder. The remaining 1% that somehow reaches spam is auto deleted after 15 Days. All Important mails reach the Inbox and I have specific rules to detect the content of an email for known spam signs and blocking it accordingly.

  • I’m in Control: I control what happens at my email server, All important data lives in the basement of my house so no chance of any leaks.

  • Secure Email: I have set up S/MIME and TLS Encryption to prevent email communication wherever needed. This helps communicating sensitive data where privacy is the top priority.

  • Freedom: I can Simply scale it in any direction, Set up Catch-all for any of the domains that I own and Set up everything in a way that it compliments my work flow. Overall I’ve noticed very Good delivery rate to all the email services that I know.

  • Cost Effective: My Mail Server Hardware is a NUC. It was something De-Commissioned from an existing project so there was no hardware cost. I had to buy an additional Static IP which Costs me around ₹2,500/Year and my Regular 150/150 Internet Connection with a Failover Line costs me around ₹1200/Month. This Sums up to around ₹17,000/Year but given that Internet is Shared across other uses as well so I can say It’s actual cost is that ₹2,500/Year + 10% of my Internet Bill i.e. approx ₹4,000/- And this comes with no limits as long as I can spend time maintaining the software. If I decide to add a failover it will be a One-Time investment of approx ₹20,000/- and Power Bill for the unit itself in Delhi’s Residential Power Rate is less than ₹100/month. Which means that Under 6,000 / Year I can have unlimited number of email addresses and full control over the service. Gmail on the other hand charges ₹150/Month for each inbox. If I had to make Just 20 Mailbox the cost will reach ₹36,000/Year. Hence, Win-Win 30k Saved.