A poll for adsense publisher


Hey, guys, this pole is only for who are using Adsense for content. Here we will see the average earnings per 1000 views. Select your revenue … to a general idea. :hugs:

  • $0.01 to $ 1
  • $1 to $1.5
  • $1.5 to $2
  • $2 to $3
  • $3 to $5
  • $5 to above

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Interesting. Thanks for sharing. :blush:


How to start this kind of pole here


@Wasim_Akram This is how we can create a Poll at HGK forum.


Thanks @gulshankumar for sharing this.


Thanks gulshan sir


You’re welcome!


I was wondering how you create this GIF, I know there are many ways…

But I found them not easy, I think the method you are using is quite easy.

Please let me know.


@GulshanKumar please share with us, how you easily create gifs ?
If you want see example,just scroll up this page & see your gif about how to create a poll in forum.


How do you create these animated screenshot I mean gif please share if you don’t mind.


Hey I don’t know.
But I have requested to @GulshanKumar sir for reply us.


ShareX, an open source software.


make gif on it about how to use sharex.


I’m also getting this error


Thanks, It is awesome I just checked this out.


You’re welcome!


@GulshanKumar please tell me why this error occurring ?


No idea about it. I prefer to save image locally to avoid uploading accidently something on the Web.