A question about buying a domain


Hey guys! I am thinking of buying a new domain. But it would be ok? if we buy a domain that contains keyword as well as similar to another brand.

Can I buy a domain that matches a little bit with another brand?

For example -

brand - Bluehost
Domains in my mind -bluehostcoupon.com,bluehostcoupon.net, etc.

:point_up: What google thing about this trick or is there any law?


It’s not a good idea to include brand names within your domain name. Companies reserve trademark rights of their names. They can take down your business legally anytime they want.


Brand Names are legally registered. Using other brand names for our own commercial purpose is against law and attract legal disputes. You can just use the name for promotion but you can’t do any business using that name.


Thanks, Varun.


thanks @MyilRaj


Never. It looks spam.


You’re right gulshan sir
Because it’s really looks spam
I will recommend to buy any domai which is unique and has coupon word
Example. Coupondunia.in
And see others examples in web