A reply from Google employee on SEO


Google’s John Mueller responded to a Redditthread where the webmaster didn’t understand why a competitor of his was outranking his site when the competitor had a page speed score of F.

John Mueller responded saying “The nice part about using so many factors for crawling, indexing, and ranking is that you don’t have to do everything exactly the same way as all of the other sites are doing.”

Yes, just because a site isn’t doing well with one specific area - it doesn’t mean that site cannot rank well in Google. In this case, speed is one of hundreds of factors Google uses and I believe speed is not even a really huge factor compared to other factors in the mix. You still want to make sure your site loads fast because the user can simply click back and go to the next search result listing in Google.

But you don’t have to be discouraged when you can’t do well with a specific metric. Just focus on what you are good at, excel there and you should see success. The algorithm does allow for SEOs to be unique in their own way.

That concludes that we can still rank if get get most of the thing correct. We dont need to goahead and do everything correct. If your content belongs to a place,it will reach there sooner or later



Personally, I do not like to visit a web page that doesn’t load quickly, hang my browser scrolling, especially I cannot visit on the slow connection.

An example

No doubt, it’s best content out there but I don’t like the way it loads super slow.

Faster website generally tend to attract more visitors, lower bounce rate, uses less user’s Internet data, makes visitors feel happy where every second of delay feels pathetic.

Think like this way,

Every second on delay is the real delay in the analytic goal, making money.

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Google is more Content Focused rather than algorithm based, Its rank brain can ignore site speed if content is too good and engagin. User can wait few more second to get best result



Oviously his score was pretty bad. He is ranking there because of 2 reason. Good lengthy content, good reputation. That is what google looks for today. this guy from backlinko have build is reputation pretty fast in last couple of years