About Anchor Text and Headings


Hello, I wonder if it’s possible to use an anchor text with the text in H2 or H3 or if that it’s a big NO NO



There is no restriction over use.

Why would you prefer that way?

Ideally, I would not prefer linking heading because any anchor text are suppose to be the part content ‘paragraph’ or ‘image’ only.


Remember about the table? I am trying to create a table, in reality, I am learning right now with a plugin and the anchor text on the header for the product looks to small. The problem is that the table contains 3 different products (titles/anchor text) so maybe that’s not a good idea.

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This is what I am trying to do, the anchor text is the name of the product (it’s on H5). The next 2 columns will be 2 more anchor texts in heading 5.