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Hello! I need to rank higher for a specific keyword where I used to rank higher in the past. I want to write more articles regarding this specific keyword but I am really struggling to find long tail keywords. I am willing to pay for a good keyword research tool as long as it is not too expensive and it is not a monthly payment.

Does anybody know a good keyword research tool? the free tools don’t give me the long tail keywords I need. I need to get a bunch of them.

Please help!

Trust me you dont need a keyword tool,
Google autosuggest is best, going through the serp results to get related topics from their post, Ubersuggest is somewhat helpful.
I dont think the expensive tools does any help.
I personally have found such keywords working which those tools say gets 0 traffic. So, just go for a instinct, instead of keyword switch to keyphrase. What can a person ask in general
keyword everywhere, Amswer the public is yet another helpful tool …
Instead of writing more article for the keyword, update the old article which lost the ranking. Write the best one available out there, embed videos and infographics to boost it. It will definitely help more.

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Please have a look

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Thanks Gulshan! I will take a look to that one! I just need ideas of keywords.

Thanks! In reality I want to rank with 2 specific posts. One of them I already updated. The other one has about 4 videos already and it’s a long review. Doesn’t it make less user friendly if I keep putting more videos and write even more? What would be the best approach?

Is it a product review post?


then try to optimise few things
1)Title should be good for ctr rate try to include something like:
Best litter pan for cats(2019 updated): My top 5 picks.
2019 makes people clear, its new and then including a number like top 5 or something works great.

  1. Write an indepth buyers guide like pros and cons in well formated way, add 1-2 videos.

3)Optimise h2 for symantic searches, put related keywords there, but in a flow.

4)Include few real images if possible.

5)Try to link top pages with the review post where ever it is possible or adds value. Would help with link juice.

Hi saurav, I already made a “best 15 …” including a comparison chart, videos, etc. I need to change the table because it’s kind of too wide for mobile. Maybe that’s one thing I should do.

Gulshan told me once that it’s better to update the current page instead creating a new 2019 one that would have pretty much the same products, since they are the same top from 2017. If I update this best 15… I wouldn’t change the top products, but maybe I can add 2019 on meta title. This page with “Best 15…” has already links to full reviews (pros and cons) for each of the top products.

What I have noticed is that Google has given the first 4 positions to the manufacturer and then the 5 position to a guy that copied all my reviews lol. He doesn’t even review the product himself and he ranks better than me. I think he uses other websites and links a lot to his website. Isn’t that black hat strategy?


  1. UberSuggest
  2. KeywordsEverywhere
  3. SEMScoop
  4. KeywordRevealer
  5. Keywordtool .io
  6. Soovle
  7. Google Autosuggest
  8. AnswerthePublic
  9. Lsigraph
  10. Kwfinder (Trail 10 Days)

There are many free tools. Why should you go with Paid ones?
And this is the random order.
Thank Me later :smiley: :smile:


Thank you very much, I will check them out. I already installed KeywordsEverywhere but I will check the others.