About Social Media On A New Website

Hello! I am working on a new website whose niche is the same as my current website, but it will address different aspects of the same niche, plus, it will be way more organized.

The thing is, I don’t want Google to associate my new website with my first one. I will be using a different author name. What’s the best approach to do this? how can I set up a different YouTube channel or even using Adsense without using my current Google account? Is it possible or recommended?

  1. Use a VPN
  2. Use a new e-mail to create Analytics, Search Console, Ad network account
  3. Use unique name in public author name

Thanks for your help Gulshan, do you think is necessary to do this to avoid Google to take traffic from me if I have two sites in the same niche?

why VPN?

A seperate identity is required.

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I have a different Gmail account but it is not authorized for Adsense use. Do you have any experience with how long it takes for Google to authorize a Gmail account for Adsense?

It depends on Team AdSense. There is no fixed timeline. It may take between 3-4 days to a month even. All you need to keep your website in good condition before requesting approval.

You can use different YouTube channels with the help of using VPN. If you start a new channel then don’t use adsense.