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Why Blogger need a MarketPlace?

  • Focus on growing your business, we will provide you technical solution.


  1. Client: The person who will buy services, post offer.
  2. Freelancer: An individual who will provide services to the client.

How to hire a Freelancer?

  1. Client are requested to post their requirement at Public forum in the MarketPlace category, further you may communicate using our Forum Private Message.

  2. Freelancer are requested to answer with their offer in the response.

Tips for Client

Be precise about your requirement, deadline and budget.

A freelancer is a human like us. They are more likely to better work with you when you are friendly and polite with them. Please do not post so many messages at once. Please keep patience and try to communicate one by one.

Tips for Freelancer

Try to respond early and politely.

You should always accept advanced payment with invoice.

Only accept to work if you are 100% confident about providing quality services and meeting deadline of the project.

Services Terms

  1. Buyer and Freelancer are self responsible for any payment, dispute if arised between them. HGK Admin, moderators or any associated person, entity shall not be held as responsible in any way.

  2. Responding to Client’s posted offer is completely free. We don’t have any commission rule for Freelancer or Client.

  3. However, as a freelancer, if you want featured/pinned listing of your services in the MarketPlace category, please contact @gulshankumar for premium listing deal. Fair enough!

Privacy policy

  • We reserve right to monitor all activities going via our platform to keep scammer out.

  • If you share any login credential or create admin account for your Freelancer, Client must understand that it should be revoked later after completing the work.

Learn more at our Privacy page.

If you have any feedback, you’re welcome to share.

Thanks & Regards,

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@GulshanKumar these two policies are contradicting.
If you are asking the platform to be the ground of discussion, you should also provide a means to facilitate payments, or otherwise, people should be allowed to contact directly to maintain the negotiated prices between their mutual communication. freelancers should have the right to price their best.

If pricing or negotiations are made public then there can be many complications and it will create a situation where people will bid less just because there is one amateur trying to low ball everything and screwing up the reputation of marketplace.


We have Private Message option for negotiations of budget.

Suppose, a client post

Requirement: I want someone to create a landing page for me.

Deadline: 3 days
My Budget: $100

Freelancer can answer this way

  • Okay, I am available for this certain task. Please contact me in PM at HGK.

What is not allowed? Moving communication outside forum.
Please contact at [email protected]

That’s it.


But then if You are limiting discussion to this forum then

This shouldn’t be there. The reason why a freelancer would communicate through the forum is “some sort of assurance” which should come in the form of an escrow or payment assurance.

What if even after negotiations and task execution the client refuses to pay? it’s the loss of the freelancer.


You may ask your client to make advanced payment, to avoid unnecessary delay and excuse.

This is the same thing, I have written above.


And then what if the freelancer doesn’t deliver work per client satisfaction? Client’s loss!


In the world of online freelancing, advanced payment is a fair way to deal.

We will provide certain badge/rating to Freelancer to make sure client choose the right once.


And, this is the reason… why I am saying that I will monitor all activities going to it.

  • I want to see how effectively a freelancer is doing their work. Based on that, I can offer some kind of promotional badge.


But take this hypothetical situation:

mr. x is a freelancer (he pays you to promote his service as well)
mr. y is a client and he negotiates through this forum
mr. x has created a kinda positive reputation since his work is being endorsed by forum and mr. y chooses him
turns out mr. x used a pirated/infected article (plugin/theme/code etc.) and mr. y is now hosed.
where shall he go then?
what will be your measures to validate that such situation does not happen?


Building a positive reputation takes time. Rarely, any one will do so that harm them self.
It’s silly and rare case example of certain freelancer to still go down the line, and hurting own reputation.
In any event we notice, we will block him/her.


what about this though?

  1. We will never endorse/allow use of our platform by such scammer if we believe.

  2. Client loss is a rare case, and not likely to happen always if communicated well by client side.

1/100 case is a rare. Exception is not an example to lead with it.


And when that exception happens, will the forum take responsibility for the client’s loss? (Given that everything must happen strictly through the forum).


Here is the answer.


Dear, when you are client you want to hire some one who is trustworthy. You don’t just go and hire them without communicating or understanding them well.

Our platform is a medium to communicate, free to use, to be honest I do not have time to regulate in such way.

  • I can make use or rewarding skill badge if I found someone is doing so good job.


I’d recommend let communication liberalize, at least if they were communicating directly there is no reason for you to moderate it.


Fair enough. Here’s to new beginnings…



Dear, please don’t be a negative thinker. Hope for best, be prepared for the worst. We will make best efforts to make experience better.

Suppose, if I am client

  • I will take my server backup, WordPress backup myself. I won’t expect my freelancer to restore the site if he suddenly break. Human error is possible and totally understandable.

  • As a client, it’s my own responsibiltiy to communicate well with freelancer, ask for their expertise, trusting them.