Accelerated Mobile Pages By Ahmed Kaludi Removed


Hi friends,
to day i came to know that Accelerated Mobile Pages By Ahmed Kaludi Removed from wordpress plugin store . what is the reason and what we have to do now. I’m using this plugin .


Should be back soon.


No idea, why it’s gone.

If anyone need, Download here.


An serious flaw was detected in the plugin hence it was taken out by the wordpress. It should be back soon


Follow the discussions here


One of the developer says:

As a developer, I don’t think it’s serious and the user’s need to worry about that at all because we have already fixed them and our lead developers are making sure that it is fixed in the right way.

and the lead developer says:

I totally agree that it’s a very serious issue and we are taking necessary measures to solve them.

I will wait for few more days or week and if they don’t come back to WordPress and review is rejected, will make the switch.


It’s back.


is it okay to switch back to amp? I’m considering it since >90% of my users visit on mobile devices.


How’s Adsense performing on AMP now. Is there any improvement? :slightly_smiling_face:


No, there is no improvement.


AMP for WP


Bro I heard lots of time about AMP but I never used it before. But on adsesnse last live video on youtube they were highly recommending AMP. There is on internet bad reviews also presents.

What will you tell about AMP and is it good for us?


AMP is a feature to make site faster for mobile devices.

If your site is already fast (loading under a acceptable load time), I don’t think you should worry and switch to AMP in hurry up regardless of any hype.

Once, I switched to AMP and reverted back.


Thanks for the replay and providing useful link. Let me read.


You’re welcome!