Ad Impressions Getting Down [Adsense]


From the last 2 days, my impressions are dropped by 50%, CPC is also down, is anyone facing the same issue?

I’m facing CPC down issue.

This could happen due to too many ad requests. Are you using Auto Ads or do you have too many ads on your site? This has been reported by at least one another user this week.

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i am using 4 units of Adsense and 2 units of cybermedia with auto ads enabled,

  • Contact AdSense support with proper screenshots and your analysis. Wait for their reply.

Then do this if they don’t reply:

  • Remove AutoAds. Please never use AutoAds. It will kill your site eventually.
  • Remove one manual ad of AdSense, so you have three ad units of AdSense.
  • Wait for two days (48 hours).
  • If it doesn’t work, remove CyberMedia ads.

After everything is resolved, please don’t let Cybermedia optimize your AdSense ad units. In 2018, I lost about $500 because of their botched AdSense setup and they stopped replying to my emails after their employees were exposed. In general, avoid Indian companies for AdSense and SEO.

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The issue is mainly with the AMP Pages, Normal pages are fine i think

You shoud make changes site-wide. Remove auto-ads from everywhere or contact AdSense support if you can.

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CPC is down for me as well.

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