Ad inserter question

I am trying to insert an ad before first h2 tag on all pages of my blog. I am using ad inserter plugin. Can someone help me out figure out how to do that?
I dont want to insert if after say 4 paragraph as some article have 3para before first h2 while other has 5…So…How to insert before h2.

Please check with plugin author. I do not see any feature to add after heading.

Here is the reply.
I cant understand what he meant
Link :-

Here iis the tag option.
I tried inserting

but it didnt work.
A little confused

Just an upate if anyone else want to use this.
I figured out!

Here is the setting you can use to define tags and place ads before heading tags.
Hats off to the plugin.
With the advanced setting you can pretty much do everything that most plugin ask us to pay for!

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