Ad placement ideas

Just wanted to know what are the best ad placement for you guys, while using adsense.
Which ads do the best for you!

Below title (above the fold), rectangular responsive ad unit tend to perform better on desktop and mobile (both).

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Here Some Tip for Get max Out of Adsense:

  1. Match Adsense Ad with it’s Surrounding Content. For eg: use text ad new cloud labels.

  2. Match Adsense Color With Your Main Theme

  3. Use a Large skyscrapper in Sidebar and make it sticky

  4. Use Responsive ad on Mobile Version

  5. Place ad Where your Most important Content available e.g: first paragraph of content

  6. place adsense near engaging part of website e.g: Comments section, Menus

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Sticky ads allowed by AdSense?

You should definitely make Adsense sticky if you want to get banned.



Not at all with Adsense. But definitely do when you’re using AdX like monetization platform.

On first fold - there should be 2-3 ads you can place them at left, right or/and below the title, below the tile is most important ad units, if it does not work properly - place it after first paragraph.

since placements depend on the site layout also - still I am sharing 2 blogs (based on my experience on my websites and other fellow bloggers for them I have done the optimization).

# Keep experimenting – to increase Google AdSense CPC and CTR

@DUGGU Are you using only square ads below the title and after first paragraph or are they other responsive ads?

Sir, did you find any bug with ad inserter recently?
I was experimenting changing ads and increasing and decreasing no of ads when i noticed:
i placed 5 ad units, then i disables 2 and left 3 and when i empty cache and save and let it run fir a while while testing its showing 5 ads, i even deleted code from block still ads continue to show up.
I then decided to start a fresh and removed all the code, deleted plugin refreshed database and reinstalled it back, even without entering code just by activating it it shows up 5 ads again😂
Dont know what is going on

yes responsive ad can be placed with a customize CSS to make it rectangular

I am not using Ad Inserter plugin right now. So, it’s difficult to say what’s happening.

So how do you insert ads? I mean what plugin are u using?

I don’t use AdSense for WordPress. :frowning:

But I feel that Ad Inserter (recommended) and WP Quads, these two plugins are best.

No, Adsense don’t ban you if you place ad in sicky sidebar. I seen it in Many famous Websites. Myself use it for months, no ban.make sure you aren’t blocking any content or ad below that sticky ad.

I am saying from my experience, Large skyscrapper ad provide max revenue among all ads. Impression for large skyscrapper is highest

They are not Adsense ads. They use those adsense ad through some premium Google Publisher partners like Ezoic, Adx,and Double click.

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Many Famous websites are premium adsense publishers. They use sticky ads on sidebar and sometime on bottom.

Example: for premium publishers