Adblockers are now blocking ChatBots on websites

Today, I visited Hostinger cpanel, and firstly I saw everything was fine. But after sometime, I got a popup that you’re adblocker is blocking our chatbot, its fine. but if you want any help, then don’t forget to contact our support team.

After this message, I realized that the floating chatbot icon is missing.

What are your thoughts on this?

It’s site problem that they are using such blacklisted stuff. Popular services such as Intercom, I haven’t seen blocked.

Do you use adsense?



Good you yourself use adsense and show ads on your site when someone access it.

You block someone else adsense ads when you access their site.

Imagin if everyone start using ad blocker, blogger who earns from adsense will quit and blogging will be dead.

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It’s never going to happen Google need fresh content every day. Daily lot of activities are going around the world and Adsense is not the only option.
There are other Ad networks in the market. Nowadays people are preferring affiliate over Adsense.
As you can see the big sites are placing affiliate links & banners on their site. Apart from these their are various ways to earn from a blog.

Ad blocker blocks ads from all network. Affiliate is not that easy as it sounds.

60 to 70 percent blogger earn from adsense and other ad network.

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Lol! I don’t use Adblocker always. I love to see ads because of them I get to know some new tools and websites which are helpful for me.
I use adblocker only when using some website which contain 18+ ads viagra and all.

Usually these are on torrent sites only or based on your browsing history! :roll_eyes:

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I was watching Anime. No torrent site.
And it’s not based on my browsing history, because I use incognito mode for doing nasty things. :smiling_imp: