Add ads from another account on my website


Hi guys,

Had a question regarding Adsense ads on my website-

  1. Last month earned about 500$ from website and 200$ from YouTube. Now the Adsense account is in my name. Now for income tax this income is not my main source of income.
    From various online sources got to know if the income is from other sources one cannot deduct expenses while filing income tax(will consult a CA later)

  2. I plan to start another website, just to get another Adsense account in my wife’s name and replace all website ads with ads from this account.

Do you think this might be an issue? Or cause problems. Thanks


If you manage a totally different account for a different website it won’t be an issue.

However, Placing ads from multiple adsense accounts to same website can pose issues


Thanks @itsbhanusharma… I plan to have ads only from the new Adsense account on my website. So it will not be a problem right?


Probably not! You may have to verify both websites on new account and unverify from previous account.

Opinion required @BihariLala @Hitesh @razor


No. I was planning the same but i didnt go ahead and have kept adsense in my name only.

I agree to this. Place ads only from 1 account.


But also, i would transfer the domain to wife’s name as well. So that if adsense verifies, domain name is also in the name of new adsense account holder.


Done exactly this. Have domain, server, adsense everything on wife name.

You can deduct. Online sources for legal information are bit tricky to understand.


@Hitesh_Bhasin…Thanks a lot. Will also look into domain transfer. @laalsalaam thanks for pointing about tax thing. Will check it more


Can you please explain this step?
I too have multiple domains and I am having domain control panel from Reseller Club.
Where I have changed the owner name, address, contact number and email ID.
Is this enough bro?


I think godaddy will explain it better. I have myself never done this. But to protect adsense, i think this step would be required.


Good idea but AdSense isn’t going to verify domain name.


Or just change account contact details. I changed account details and Whois showing changed details


This is what I did? When someone does a Whois search it will show the corresponding details of the domain holder.
But the said account is in my email ID.


Keep everything with you and file ITR (pay extra tax) no issue in that
CA will deduct your payments - keep all payments receipt before paying to the writers ask them for the invoice.