Add dropdown functionality inside post


Hi all,

Is there any good plugin which allows us to add dropdown menu like thing where only some content (For e.g. reviews etc.) is shown only when someone click the dropdown button.

I actually want to show content + images when someone clicks on that particular heading in my post.


You can use accordions.


Drop-down in post! :roll_eyes:

Are you looking for Toggle text like we generally see for the FAQs? :thinking:

Check this


Sorry :stuck_out_tongue: I was unaware of the exact term. Yeah I need toggle text feature but I want to show both image and text simulatenously.

Which plugin is best for it?


I used it but it seems I cannot add images side by side


Try shortcodes plugin?

Just wrap the image and content with it’s spoiler shortcode.


Accordins alone seems doing the job with elementor for me :slight_smile: Thanks mate
Thankyou so much