Adding Cloudflare (Subdomain)


Can’t say it buggy but it’s a funny tool.

That’s why I prefer GTmetrix, Webpagetest, over PageSpeed insight.

(Myil Raj) #22

1.) Try Traceroute command from your local computer to find the location of the problem.

2.) Add one more sub-domain in the same server and create a blank index.php page.
2.1.) Now add Cloudflare and try accessing the new sub-domain to find the issue.

3.) Confirm the format below.
3.1.) A | sub-domain.domain | server-ip | Orange cloud

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Issue got solved now. I found that , that server is blocking requests from cloudflare so I told my client to whitelist IPs of the cloudflare.

Thanks @MyilRaj @gulshankumar and @anon54276374 for the support.

Thanks once again :slight_smile:


You’re welcome!