Adding multiple languages in a website

If you check this website:

At the bottom of their home page you can see they have languages support for fr/spain and few more. Do you think it’s a good idea to do this?

Also, let’s say I add two languages at my and my

Is it gonna do anything good for me? As far as I understand it’ll create multiple URL like


If overall It’ll be beneficial for me. How to do the same for my website?

just create subdirectories. It can be done easily in wordpress.

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This website clearly mentioned other language URLs in the alternate tag. So, Google Bot know about it then they display content as per user language in Google search.


Check all the pages. They mentioned clearly.

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How can I do the same in WP?

Just search multilingual and you will find a lot of plugins

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In WordPress, with the help of creat subdirectires, it can easily be done.

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