AdFirefly - Legit / Scam

I finally got my page back. I had to contact Facebook Ads and ask for help through them. They finally wrote me back and asked for a letter stating it was my page and showing them my ID and explaining what happened and within 24 hours my page was back.

I went to my page and saw that the hacker was from Vietnam and they had used my page to stream live every day for their makeup business and had increased my page followers by 800!

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My friend got the same. He handles a facebook page with around 300k likes.
But, before going for that, he asked me and I refused him to go for it after doing some research about this.

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Guys! Please help. The same thing happened to me today, but when I clicked the link, I felt something fishy hung up the phone and clicked “I don’t know this business”. Please let me know if he can still hack my pages. I changed my password already but still don’t know if he can hack it since I did click the link. I don’t know how else to secure the page to avoid this from happening.

Enable Two Factor Authentication in your Facebook account

Thank you SO much for your fast reply. I did that, not sure what else to do. What would be the first step the hacker does when they get access to my account. And how can I know if they did?

It sounds like Phishing attack by hacker.

As you enter login details, an attacker receive at their mailbox. That’s how typically this works, as I have read on the Internet.

I did all of those steps. My fear is since they saw my reaction on the phone, they still have access and they’ll try to remove me when I am not looking.

Not really! If you have changed your pass and added TFA (You might be secure)

You can also check here last login details

Thank you Gulshan for your fast replies. I am very grateful for finding this page. Hopefully I am all set.

@meme23 @msors @BRUCE Im surprised more of you guys aren’t talking about what their actual scam is. After long thought, - after being hacked myself - I learned they generated money using the Facebook Ad-Breaks on the videos they post on my account while I was locked out. They know you will get your page back once FB kicks them out and restores you. The scammers even told me that on the phone don’t worry you’ll get your page back, when they were acting like it was not them who did it. But WHY do this? Why do the work just to get kicked out-- what i think-- they setup their bank accounts to your Creator Studio monetization tab and they hope when you get your Facebook page back you won’t find the money they generated with the videos they posted. The earnings are hidden on the back end of FB Page in the Creator Studio. If you don’t find it they get the money they made in a very short time in your account. If you find you do if you setup your bank to receive it… so not all so bad of a scam. Either way I learned a lot and don’t plan on ever clicking on their phishing links again.

PLEASE SHARE MORE! How do I get the money?

Hi. I just checked and my FB Creator Studio was not set up yet. I didn’t even know they had a FB Creator Studio which is like Youtube. I had to turn it on for myself and apply to approve the page that was hacked. I didn’t find anything about earnings.

ALSO - I have received TWO MORE SCAM offers TODAY from the same type of Facbook scam.

One is from ads.boredpanda BORED PANDA Facebook Ads. and the other is from Research Now Facebook Ads. They both have Gmail addresses. Watch out for them!

I do not Know

Hi There,

My name is Martina Adam and I am known by the stage name “Martina Big”. On January 4, 2015 I created my Facebook fan page “Martina BIG - Malaika Kubwa”. And since then I’ve been the admin and owner of this page. I became a victim of a scam and have tried several times to reach Facebook Support by using the “Report a problem” form. However, I didn’t get an answer.

On January 28, 2020, I was contacted by a “RoYa Khan” on my Facebook fan page. I should publish promotional items for them on my Facebook fan page. She would pay me for that. And they wouldn’t need access to my account for that. That sounded tempting to me. So I agreed. Then RoYa Khan wrote me the following: ”I can request to facebook they will send you approval invitation via email when you will get approval invitation from facebook team then you will sign up. I need your email address to be able to send by mail the format where you can subscribe to instant Facebook articles.”

I gave her my email address.

Thereupon an email came from Facebook “You were granted access to Sponsored Ads Signup 0008.”

I clicked on the “Let’s go” button and got employee status in the Business Manager “Sponsored Ads Signup 0008”. Then “RoYa Khan” wrote that I should add my Facebook fan page there.

In the Business Manager, the admin pretends to be “Facebook team”. So I thought it would be reputable and added my fan page to this business manager. After that, “RoYa Khan” was no longer available. When looking through the Business Manager I suddenly noticed that it is now under my fan page: “Property of: Sponsored Ads Signup 0008”.

It was not my intention to transfer my fan page to a new owner. I think the admin of this business manager is not the real Facebook team, but an impostor who claims to be Facebook. I think I became a victim of a confidence trick. It was not recognizable to me that I was transferring my fan page to a fraudulent owner.

Despite an intensive search, I have not found a way to undo this.

At the moment it is so that I (and 3 other friends) are administrators. So I can still post on my fan page, reply to messages and so on. However, the sponsored ads signup 0008 scam is now the owner of my site.

In the “Sponsored Ads Signup 0008” business manager to which I was invited and who added my fan page by mistake, I only have employee status and therefore cannot access many functions.

I wrote (under “Report a problem”) to Facebook on a daily basis, described the case and attached screenshots of the conversation. However, there is no topic in the standardized subject selection for this reporting function that really fits this fraud case. Therefore I see the chance of getting a response from Facebook quite low. I also did the same via the Business Manager (report a problem). The support chat function, the buisness manager, does not work for me. I also wrote to FB on Twitter. I have already tried it via email and

Or give me a tip on what I can do?

Or can you give me a tip on how else I can reach Facebook Support?

Many thanks in advance!