Ads limit place on my account second time

Hello, AdSense has placed ads limit on my account for the second time. 77 percent of my traffic is organic, the rest are direct and referral. Social is only 8 percent and I have stop sharing my blog on social media.
Don’t really know what’s the problem is.

Well, my earnings has increased to 100 percent for the past two months as well as my traffic. Yesterday, I made the highest in history and that is when AdSense placed the ads limit.

Here is what I noticed, maybe others will learn as well.

  1. Match content and Link ads always attract invalid click and also low cpc. Yes that’s the fact.

  2. Auto ads is bad. Yes, it was after constant disturbance from AdSense to use Auto ads that the ads limit was placed on my account. Same happened last time and this time again (I used Auto ads).

  3. Link your Google analytics account with AdSense. Maybe that’s way, it will be easier for them and you to track your source of traffic and user experience.

  4. Enable about us, privacy policy and contact us page on your blog if you don’t have them.

Another is inline plugin. It’s affecting the clicks I guess and I have disabled it as well.

I will never enable auto ads on my blogs again, will go the usual manual ads which is 3 per post.

Let me see how long it will take for the ads to be back again.

Any more suggestions from you friends will be highly appreciated.

I dont see autoads as a problem.
Although i am not a big fan of adsense and i dont use often but i have made a few 100$ from it and all of that came from autoads.
Also there is no limit like 3 per post or something.
For good user experience make sure your ad is 25-30% at max compared to content.
Also make sure there is no more than 1 ad per screenview in mobile.
I think something else can be the cause.

Yes, you are right. I guess its bot traffice despite the block bot plugin i have on my blog. Anyways, i have enabled CDN. Hopefully it will help to protect my traffic from bot and spams

Whenever you think there’s bot attack, remove the ad units from your site and inform Adsense immediately. They’ve got a form for that. Even i faced something similar in 2018. Started getting tonnes of direct visitors from Spain, Argentina and one more place, I can’t recall. Even the Adsense income almost doubled. I disabled Ads for a while and informed adsense about it. Then i blocked all three countries from visiting my website.

Alright. But the BOT happens on sunday not really yesterday and adsense was aware of that. Anyways I hope the CDN im now using will protect me from further attack. Or do you have any more suggestion to stop BOT?

I was getting bot traffic from a few countries so I blocked them

Please how did you blocked them? Is there any alternative to prevent them?

Using cloudflare , firewall rules option you can Block those countries / or add a captcha there

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I’m using cloudfare now.