Adsense account disabled email

My Adsense account was not approved in the first place. But today I got an email saying, Google Adsense account disabled as in the attachment. what should I do?

Yes. They will say “We banned you”. Because your account already got banned and as per my experience either you’re applying for a domain which previously got banned or you’re using the same mobile number which previously got banned.

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should I create a new email and mobile number to apply for AdSense, if i register a company and apply adsense on the behalf of company? Or same mobile number is fine?

Also google tracks the laptop which we use for the email creation and we need to use another device or it should be fine to use the same laptop?

First, close the payments profile of the banned AdSense account.
Then, you can use the same details but another email to create an Adsense account.

AdSense basically use your payments profile to find duplicate accounts.

If using chrome, create a separate user profile for AdSense or use a dedicated browser i.e Firefox.