Adsense ad units per page limit?


It’s tricky to understand what is a limit to add ads units for adsense per page ?? As per adsense policy, there is no clear mention about this thing… So what should be ads units limits for 500-word article with sidebar and inner ads units?


There’s no limit. However, we must understand that our visitors are human. We should place in a limit keeping user-experience in mind.


Place one AD every 400 words which is safe.


I personally recommend you to use 3 ads unit in a standard post-page
However if your content is big then you can put more ads units code.


If you are so confused then use auto ads. It is the safest way of using adsense ads.


There are no limits but I really wish there was, some news sites out there have more ads than words in their posts which leads people to install adblockers coz it’s so damn annoying and this impact small publishers.


ad spaces should not be more than content space


TheIndianExpress is at the top in this list. :joy:

They put so many ads that you have to literally find out where is the main news text. :joy: