Adsense alternatives you are using

What is the best alternative for AdSense? My AdSense ads serving has been limited. So i want to try other networks.

  • MediaVine
  • Ezoic
  • Adx
  • Affiliate Marketing
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can i use Ezoic? Adsense ads are not showing.

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You can apply and follow their guidelines.

ok thanks.

Try Newor Media

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Sorry, i dont think so. Adsense is one of the major partner in ezoic and if your site have any violation for adsense the same goes for ezoic as well. They wont accept it easily.
I would suggest, monumetric if traffic above 80k, outbrain for native ads.
You can also try other cheap networks as good networks like mediavine etc wont accept such sites.

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Nothing beats adsense earningsā€¦

lol, i still say you guys adsense pays you pennies. Check revenue for one of my new website.
It earned 30-35$ adsense in 1 month.
I moved it to ezoic on saturday. Check my earning till Wednesday. !
That too when i have limited the amount of ads per page to 4-5-6 as per content length. If they show 10-12 ads per page as per their regular setting i can double the revenue. But i like to keep it more towards UX and pagespeedā€¦


10-12 ads per page I will just use ad block on that site or will never ever visit that site again. Even 6 ads in 1 page is too much.

I dont think so.
Mine audience is US based and people there have high ad tolerance. 6-7 ads in a long content is like no where to be found. Most of mine content are 2000+ words. some even more than 3500.
Ads work just fine if you finetune it properly.
My page on time and traffic has increased significantly as well in the mean time after update of google+ using ezoic.