Adsense approval with amazon affiliate account on website

Can we get Adsense account approval for a blog with amazon affiliate account ?? Over the internet everyone says that’s its not possible to get approved with an amazon account?

They will not check the links particularly but if the blog is focused only on Amazon affiliate then it will be rejected for sure.

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Yes you can get it … It is not an issue…


I inserted Amazon affiliate links on my website, will affiliate links create any problem in google AdSense approval ?




I need @GulshanKumar sir comment on the above query.

Hi, Google AdSense says you can use any network that is friendly accepeted and good for user-experience. Though I would not suggest keeping both at same time. Because it may hurt your revenue and page load time as well.

People wont click aff link but they may click Ad unit. Another time, it can be distracting because it’s no longer contextual but mostly interest based advt. Focus on niche, aff if you can.