AdSense Blocked due to invalid clicks


I received a mail for Adsense.How can I get my account back.I had been using a app called in-valid click protector.
But no good :(.
Any help is appreciated.

What is the CTR status??

I can not see the AdSense account anymore.

Was your site click bombed?

Please read the mail carefully.
Its due to invalid traffic and not clicks.
Its not always due to click i mean.
Google thinks the traffic coming to your site is either bot traffic or low quality traffic from other sources.
Could you share what is your traffic acquistion breakup?
how much % is organic and what is direct?
It could help in understanding it better.
It could also be because of Ad clicks by yourself, or a particular device or IP.
Have you tried clicking ads from some friends or family device or something similar?

I asked this because he used an app or plugin called invalid click protector.

Hi Saurav!

After this 24th incident ,on 25 the account got blocked.
I observed that session time is 0 for these visits.Guess this is due to bot.

Those stats look bad…
Could you share a week overview?
Seems like a major part of your traffic is not real users. Or the user experience is bad thus very high bounce+ low page on time.

I have one more question for you.
Even why did you place adsense ad so soon?
If you don’t have much volume there is no point is having any ads at the first place.
The point of ads is to monetise and audience. Even advertisers don’t find any value in sites where there is not much real traffic. Thus leading to an issue like this.
It would be better to build an audience first. Atleast 5000 people every month and then try placing some ads and you will never see something like this happening.
At least I haven’t faced it till date and I have been in the blogging world for over 5 years nearly.

Hi Team!
On 24 there was abnormal behavior.On 25 it got blocked.
My traffic will be more during school running time and will be less during school vacations.

How can I trade the direct visits ? What measures I can take and appeal back to google that measures are taken to block them?