Adsense blocked. Will i be accepted in Ezoic or Adthrive?


I applied for AdSense some years ago.

It was not accepted.

Then I abandoned blogging and left the site as such. Adsense code was available in that site, and site got some invalid or malicious traffic . . .

. . . After somedays I received an email saying that my Adsense account was cancelled/closed due to invalid traffic.

I’ve not done anything for that email as well.

Now I’ve restarted blogging and getting decent traffic.

Will I be accepted in Ezoic or Adthrive where they say * No previous advertising infringements and not blocklisted with Google or other major ad providers in their criteria?

Please suggest.


Adthrive won’t take that in.

You can try with ezoic as they are far more linient with their policy.

Ezoic allowed Adsense approved websites. But that does not guarantee approval from Ezoic.

Hmmm but that is not my fault. I never had adsense approved sites right?

Whether unapproved domains are also blocked by Google? why that happens. :expressionless::expressionless:

Is there anyway to check if the domain is blocked in Google ads or adsense?

You can try by applying to ezoic directly…

Is it a Blogspot (or) a full-qualified domain name? Also, to get approval in AD Networks, your blog should have 100+ daily visitors.