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Adsense CPC is too low Now

Is anyone facing issue of low adsense CPC now.

From last 2-3 months my Adsense CPC has gone bad to worst.

Before March it was above 0.10$

But now it has gone to average 0.03$.

I am doing all the things to improve it but no change.

Any one can solve this issue. Pleas suggest me.

Note: Blog is in Hindi language.

Mine is 0.01$-0.02$ + Ads Limit
Be happy that you have 0.01$ more than me.

My situation right now

Mine also dropped from 0.5-0.6 to 0.27


I think there are less advertisers due to lockdown in India. This may be the reason.

Google Right now


In the lockdown time many businesses down then they don’t take any risk. So They do not run CPC for your brand. It can the main reason to Adsense CPC is down.

Yes, it was removed after 4 to 5 days when I found the reason but again Google put an ad limit from 8 June.

Previously, I was redirecting traffic from my website 1 to website 2 with target="_blank" attribute to then I removed all redirection and the previous ad limit got removed just after 12 hours.

But again Google has placed an ad limit on 8 June, but this time nothing like the previous one. All websites are having their own traffic from Google.

Check either everything is fine from your side including traffic sources and quality.

Or Sometimes Google incorrectly put an ad limit

Also sudden increase of traffic in any legit ways may cause ad limit.

@Hash My second ad limit on the same account got removed by today.

How may sites you have added in that adsense a/c?

Go to Google Analytics>Acquisition>All Traffic>Source Medium and send the screenshot.
You can hide your website URL if needed.

Due to lockdown, Adsense CPC is too low now. Lockdown has had an impact on the whole world, due to which the market has come in every sector.

@Hash Replied in DM

Try using Ezoic or may be ValueImpression
also check our detailed article here Ezoic vs adsense