Adsense CTR

How do i increase CTR?

I use 300x250 under picture title, 2nd paragraph another 300x250, 5th paragraph is link ads.

After content i use matched content to increase user engagement.

How do i know if i block adsense spider because sometimes there is ads, sometimes no ads. #Confused.
And also, can wprocket/caching in general make ads load sloweror doesnt appear?

Thank you

The Ad Fill rate depends on lot of things.

Do not tweak AdSense code to have better earning experience.

Choose Ad size and location greatly in a way it looks good without affecting UX.

Page caching plugin doesn’t affect. Some user believes not minifying HTML works better though there is no technical proof to discovered yet.

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CTR also directly related to bounce rate. (Its my opinion)

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You can get help from @DUGGU…

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