Adsense Disabled Can I redirect Traffic to Other Blog with Adsense?

A few days back my new site’s new Adsense got disabled due to heavy traffic spike… Still the site has good traffic. Can I 301 redirect this traffic to another old adsense site?

Wait for one month and you ca create a new adsense account with any other family member details and can apply with the same domain.


Second option apply for valueimpression and show them analytics. They will approve and you can earn good money.


does google will show ads if i redirect traffic to other old site?

Why you want this if valueimpression is there. They will serve adsense ads also


hello, if that other of your blog have ads active on these, then you traffic will useful for that.

but how much average of / day your traffic? maybe i have an offer to get direct revenue with your site. so you not wait for long.

What is the method?