AdSense Doesn't Show on New Published Post


When I published a post on my blog, my AdSense ads don’t show as soon as I published my post.

It takes 5-10 minutes to have appeared in the new post.

I used Old ads code in a new post this time also.

I am facing this problem from 2-3 months. Maybe.

plz hare the post link

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I added a ads code below the title and it not live yet.

That’s completely normal.

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But before months back, I added old ads code in the new post and all ads go live as soon as I pressed the publish button.

so u are creating new ad units? Hey it take around 30 min to an hour some time more than it

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Now AdSense takes time. Perhaps, they crawl first before showing Ad.


thanks bro

Now adsense don’t show ads on post that are not indexed in google.

@GulshanKumar please check his URL and see first ad unit which is placed on header it is looking like AdSense but when I hover on the URL, something is different plz check

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Not like that, on my new posts it takes normal time, maximum 1-2 seconds only

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which version you are talking about?
desktop or mobile?

Its Desktop

No, Its not right. I think.

P.S.: my website is not on WordPress

and please someone tell me the full form or meaning of ‘P.S’ I just read it somewhere and used here :slight_smile:

I think It is depend on site authority and age

I think it may depend on plugin (I am not sure, but my experience says this)

I dont use any plugin yet. I add ads code manually in all posts.

@ShaniDeshwal In the Heade menu, all menus have their first letter is capital like “Our Services”, “Advertise Here” etc
But “About Us” contains “small u” - just a chhoti si suggesion to fix it.

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PS is used to share an off topic line.

PS: good eveninng guys.

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