Adsense Earning and Improve Tips [JUNE 2018]

(Sajjad Hossen) #1

This month, we all will discuss about Adsense earnings and how to improve revenue on this post for the month June 2018.

(Lal Salaam) #2

@gulshankumar pin it :slight_smile:

June starting is really bad. Low CTR and Low CPC. Hope to see good income in second half as it is quarter end and companies will spend in quarter end to reach their targets.

(Chandra The Warrior) #3

A very slow start CPC and CTR dropped a lot. :rage:

(Sajjad Hossen) #4

Till now, CTR is quite good (7.68%) and the cpc is also average (0.04). Slightly better than May. Hope for the best.

(I am a love charger) #6

What kind of joke is this?

Already crossed yesterday’s earning. India CPC $1, RPM $9, with dozens of clicks.

(Lal Salaam) #7

Enjoy!!! Good for you.

(Sajjad Hossen) #8


(I am a love charger) #10

Made only $10 in last 10 hours -_-

(Manashjyoti Athparia) #11

:smirk: :expressionless:

(Lal Salaam) #12

So he is not disclosing correct facts. 10 from India or worldwide.

(Chandra The Warrior) #13

Only 1% clawback in this month. :heart_eyes:

(I am a love charger) #14


EU is dead after disabling personalized ads.

USA was sleeping that time.

I guess it was $6 from India, and 3 from Australia.

In other words,

@Harry was right. G deducted some money -_- But still it’s better than yesterday :smiley:

(Chandra The Warrior) #15

I’m also getting very low click from EU, the things start happening after 3 days disabling personalized ads.

(I am a love charger) #16

3% clawback :heart_eyes:

(Arshi) #17

1% clawback.


2.5% clawback

(Nithis Kumar) #19

Starting of the June is just awesome for me. Yesterday was great. May earnings finalized with $0.01 invalid traffic.


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(Lal Salaam) #24

Something strange today. As per Analytics my earnings today are around 7.5$ as of now but adsense showing only 4$. Is there reporting issue today?

(Lal Salaam) #26

3% this side. Already earnings have reduced by 50% last month and again clawback.