Adsense Earning and Improve Tips [JUNE 2018]


Exactly same happening with me… but traffic is also down by 10 to 20%

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traffic drop is making more sad :frowning:


Exactly :disappointed_relieved:

How much traffic affected on your site.

(I am a love charger) #50

20-30%. Rank dropped on console.

Right now digging analytics to understand traffic drop.

(Sajjad Hossen) #51

Is there any specific reason about this or just it normal because of Sunday and starting of month?

I never seen this type sudden drop in past on my adsense.

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(I am a love charger) #53

maybe this update hit us?

(I am a love charger) #54

@everyone How’s traffic?

(Rami) #55

@Mayank hope it traffic recovers for u…Weekends are always less traffic for me. But received same traffic as previous weekends. So no major change. Also I don’t use WordPress or yoast

(Sam Razzy) #56

Stable here


From past 3-4 days, I am seeing constant depreciation rate of 10% everyday :zipper_mouth_face:

(I am a love charger) #58

Before you guys blame lack of backlinks as the reason, don’t.

I have backlinks from legends such as Yahoo, Forbes, Fortunes, Business Insider, NDTV and it’s not protecting me from any updates.

(nuwan siriwardhana) #59

thanks man .thank you so much,i m earning in youtube , in my video list there have only one video that have age-restrict that also effect to my adsense earning?

(I am a love charger) #60

it should not.

(I am a love charger) #61

Or it may be because my old articles have more ads than content. Although nobody’s reading, but it may be the reason.

I should use Ad Inserter and block 80% of ads on articles with less than 200 words. Thoughts?

(Saksham Kumar) #62

Don’t you think the more indexed pages you will have in Google, the less powerful your backlinks will be? :confused:

Backlinks juice will dilute with every indexed page. And you have more than 8,000 indexed pages meaning no use of those super powerful backlinks from Forbes etc.


yesterday only i was thinking to reduce one ad from my pages… they are 5 ads on 400 word article…

but then i checked my keyword ranks in GSC and everything seems normal… so i delayed that decision.

(I am a love charger) #64

Don’t know :confused: But if that’s the case, I should be worried because 30% of those indexed pages are subpages, thanks to Yoast.

Any article to prove this analysis/logic?

It should not. I am securing good backlinks every week.

(I am a love charger) #65

Dunno if I should allow indexing of subpages :thinking:

All in one SEO indexes subpages by default too? Or is it just Yoast?

(Saksham Kumar) #66

Now that depends on who you think is trustworthy or not !! I have read this in many SEO groups and for example, Brian Dean also support this!! You can check that in his videos. He always says… no extra pages should be indexed.