Adsense earning at risk


I added the ads.txt in my root directory .

But still warning persists.

Thanks for the help in advance

Ignore this

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Oh ok for past 2 days I am seeing decrease in the earnings .So I was in impression that this is the reason.

That is just recommended not required. If you have already added, check back after 48 hours.


oh ok thank you !


The page views decreased from 100 per day to 22. This trend I am observing for past 4 days.

Did google change some policies in the recent past?

I did not receive any mail for google till now about the penalty if any.

Please share your ideas on how to overcome this situation.

Although its off topic.
Yes there is a google update it seems.

Yes, i have also seen changes from 19th. As on 18th my organic traffic dropped a little bit and then on 19-20-21 it has been rising significantly.

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yes looks like there is a update.

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It did it in the root directory .But the warning keeps comming.
In which folder Am I supposed to put the ads.txt file?
Thanks for helping!

Put it inside fourth option “Document Root for Conceptmathhelp”.

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uploaded there too.We upload again and try