AdSense Earning Discussion May[2019]


Let’s discuss How was AdSense earnings in April and What can be expected from May.


Very low cpc. Adsense is dead

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Using adsense only on my recent site, past one month.
The cpc seems to be around 0.20$…
could have been much higher, i thought of giving auto ads a try for a week to see if it has improved…Lol my mistake! It still drops income by over 500%!
Overall i still will prefer ezoic over adsense.
Ezoic gives a much higher earning, around 14-16$ for a 1000 pageviews while adsense cant even get to 5-7…
But for a new website till 5-6k pageview/month there not not much choices we can make…

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Have you tried adthrive?


Can you please share, your website niche or website URL? Actually I really want to know the Ezoic’s performance.

I tried ezoic once, but I cannot get better performance.

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Anyone facing problem with adsense, today adsense not updating earning and page view


Does ezoic work in hindi blog


Yes… I also noticed it. Adsense not updating the earnings.

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Same here… Be relaxed sometimes it happens

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My fellow blogger is using ezoic which has horribly reduced the page loading speed and ranks on SERPs. Page speed was 3s and now it’s 16s on Gtmetrix.

An agent from ezoic reached me through email. I ignored their invitation.




Pet snakesniche, target Us audience.
1year old site
Traffic approx 30000pageview/month
Ezoic earning 450-500$




Have not tried yet


If any site over 100000 pageviee/month with us uk traffic then try this.
It pays around 20-25$/1000pageviews…
I jave been trying to get into it.
Havent reach upto the mark yet…short by few thousands

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You need few tweaks to fix that!

  1. Ask the support to turn down some ads, they do serve a little too many ads in start.
  2. Use lightweight theme such as GeneratePress, Astra.
  3. Instead of using affiliate links in all the pages, i create some resource pages which i link to with high traffic pages
  4. Use only rich media and banner ads and block rest.
  5. Limit ads to 4-5 per page, remove ads from sidebar, footer etc as those have low CPC.
  6. Use a fast hosting with good cache.
  7. Use very less plugins.

I have not seen any drop in serp.

Yes the speed went from 1.4sec to 4sec. still great with ads on as it earns good revenue.
Infact, my latest blog posts have climbed a lot of ranking in past 2 months even with the ads on.
Yes the ezoic ad name with one or two of their ads to earn income bugs a little still fine as i earn more
They also have a sitespeed up plugin which enhances and speeds up site. works like a charm!
I think you should give it a try, do not hesitate to reach out to their support to make the correct settings for best performance and revenue

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yes, I also facing this issue. :expressionless:


Awesome… Could you please share your url?


Sorry bro, Cant share it for that site…
It is a huge part of my income, you know…
So just being a little cautious with that one!
Its a pretty big site i have made till date, over 150 articles in past 1 years,still climbing on traffic. I expect to take it to 60000 pageviee by end of this year and 1.5lakh pageview by end of other.
I am continuously adding some content every week and letting it grow slowly.
Have reached around 800$/month using amazon+ads…
I can still improve on the affiliate part so looking for other affiliates recently…
Also planning to launch an e-book for beginners on the same by end of year.

So, you know that’s a significant one for me.

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Income update on evening but it is 50% of normal income with same page view