Adsense Earnings after Link Ads Dropped

Finally, Link ads are gone for real and we’re all doomed…at least for now !

In middle of pandemic, Google did what it does best. Be Pure Evil!

Lets discuss how much drop we’re seeing and any workarounds for recovery ?

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Earnings drop by 35%

mine are 50 % down

If you are looking at April earnings and compraring, its wrong comparison.
April earnings are down regardless of one had link ads or not.

no its of march itself…link ads stopped working around march 26th and since then earnings have droped by over half…its because of Google is unable to generate CTR of even 1%, which was around 2 % when link ads were there

But those ads were really not user friendly and so it was obvious it was going to go away!

Jan 2022 would be even big nightmare for the entire ad industry when google chrome will phase out 3rd party cookies.

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cookies were being used widely so they’ve been waiting to be undone…it will greatly affect small ad networks but it wont affect adsense publishers much, as google is looking to tighten its grip on ad industry with this step…firefox and safari have already been blocking them…

link ads cant be called non user-friendly as they generated genuine user interest and user could always click back if it didnt want to go ahead with ads… real reason behind phasing them out is that publishers were not very ken on using new ad products theyve been launching, including vignette, matched content, anchor etc.

these new ad formats are real not user-friendly as they cover entire scree and force the click…look at that matched content thing…it just fills whole screen at top of page with ads and internal links we dont wanna promote at all…every new ad format theyre launching is spammy…so they killed link ads to force us to go for them…that too during a pandemic when we’re already struggling… step is wrong and timing is also wrong…

but they’re gone now…and we need to adjust, adapt and move…and we will !

Are you using any of the new ad format? I feel vignette increases bounce rate

been using dem all…matched content, vignette and anchor…as expected…theyre spammy and unable to generate a ctr of even 1 %

Agree with you.