AdSense & Earnings in July 2020

Let’s discuss this month’s AdSense earnings. How much you have earned? And how much others have earned from Affiliate and other sources? That’s why this discussion is AdSense & Earnings in July 2020.

Lol there is still time left before july ends.

Just today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So started the discussion before 1 day ago of August,

down like a down… down by 10%

After few months and years, completed $100 :rofl:
I have decided to say good bye to Adsense.

Though, it might be still a better option to re-consider for any other kind of website.


Is it per month?

Nope. It took a long time.

Lol adsense sucks. You can hardly make pennies in there. Let alone 100’s of $…

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I agree with @GulshanKumar @saurav_556 .

Adsense codes slowdowns the web page and earns very little even with decent traffic. Bloggers can proudly show others that we run Google AdSense on our site :money_mouth_face:. Internally, we only know that it really sucks :face_with_head_bandage:. In addition, we have Google dancing on SERPs for every algorithmic update :exploding_head:.

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In one of my site having adsense ads earning $1- $2 with 7k pageviews. Some time not even a single dollar.
What is the benefit of getting 7k pageviews even we can not get single dollar for 1k pageviews. If not one dollar not even half dollar.
Google adsense … What to Say no words.

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My self is about $0.1-0.3 with daily 200 pageviews.

Depends on the topics. We can also build websites with lakhs of users in topics like Hindi, gaming, etc. but earnings are not there. That is why it is recommended to focus on earnings, not on the amount of traffic you can get from keywords.

Advertisers don’t advertise for your earnings, they advertise for their profits. Understand this difference and then work accordingly.


Here is an update on one of my sites.
Added 50 new articles and 3 info product this month!


Great @saurav_556, but I would like to see your face. :wink:

Maybe next year when i launch 3 YouTube channels. :wink:



How long have you been in blogging field?

3rd year of work!
I have invested every penny i have earned till date.
And i plan to do so for next 2 years.
At the end i intend to make passive earning of 10k$/month in next 2 years.
I will document all my updates in a forum thread from Sept when I will start 2 new site. And update it every month. With the work done, traffic and income.


Just a joke.

@GulshanKumar Just imagine using Ezoic on this forum after looking at my website :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This platform is not supported by Ezoic. I will keep advt free for now.

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