AdSense Email Problem

I don’t an email address and someone uses my address to create Adsense On that Email and i got
a mail You already have an AdSense account

what should I do? Does anyone help me

Create a new Gmail ID and apply for Adsense.

That AdSense already have Pin verified and $86 in account.
And suddenly got this email

Then you have to ask Google Directly. Before that check this,
1.) Authenticate the original source of the email.
2.) Do you still have access to that Gmail ID, if so, change your login password immediately.

How can I ask directly?

Through Support.

I can’t find it, can you share any methods or links for support.

try to get email back or changing password of email by password reset option

No, which email adsense telling that not mine.

How to reach adsense support

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