Adsense Encouraging accidental clicks: Layout

Today I received an Email from Google Adsense stating that Policy Violation “Encouraging accidental clicks: Layout” on 1 page
This page was published 1 month back and ranked in first page. Also, I don’t see any violation in the page… Suddenly today it is violated as per Google Adsesne…
I Embedded an YouTube Video in this article… For the safe side I have removed the YouTube Video and Images now… and I have choosen the alternate option (Option 2) since I don’t want to go for a review again…

The Adsense Violation Message is as Follows…

Encouraging accidental clicks: Layout

What’s happening

We’ve found some issues that are policy violations that you must fix.

What you should do

Option 1

Restore full ad serving by making sure that your page complies with our policies and by requesting a review

  1. Fix all violations
  2. Keep the ad code
  3. Request a review

Reviews usually take a week but can sometimes take longer.

Option 2

Stop ad serving requests

For Auto ads:

  1. Add a new page exclusion
  2. Enter the URLs of the pages that you don’t want ads to appear on

Note: this only stops Auto ads on those pages and not individual ad units. Learn how to exclude specific pages from showing Auto ads.

For ad units:

  1. Remove all ad unit code from the page

Do not request a review for either Auto ads or individual ad units. In both cases violations will be removed from the Policy center within 7-10 days.

Anyone faced it before? Does this affect Adsense in the coming days?

One of the Auto Ad on that page got aligned/overlapped with YouTube video that I have embedded … I think this has caused the violation…

Google Ads Misleading placements:

  • Dropdown menus can overlap the AdSense ads
  • Encouraging accidental clicks
  • Ads on Thank You, Exit, or Error Pages
  • Formatting content to mimic ads
  • Aligning images with ads
  • Placing ads under a misleading heading
  • Site layout that pushes content below the fold
  • Ads in a software application
  • Ads in emails
  • Ad on dynamic content
  • Placing Google ads on the same page with other ads
  • Ads on the same page or site as another publisher
  • Ads on a hosted website (e.g., Blogger)
  • Ads on pages behind a login
  • Displaying a third party site on your page

Yes, keep clear difference from ad and content.

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