Adsense Invalid Clicks


Hey guys,

Someone is trying to click bomb my website, I am getting too many clicks(with super high CPC, from the US) and earned more than my whole month’s earning in just 5 minutes.

I filled out the Adsense Report form and disabled my Ads plugin on my website?

Will I get banned? Is there anything else I can do?
I was approved a month ago and I don’t want to lose my account


You can report to Google AdSense for the invalid click. You won’t get banned.


AdSense decreased my today’s earnings from abnormally high(around 600% more than normal earnings) to just 50% more than my daily earnings.
Is it a good sign?


Since you have filled the report - so not to worry.
Sometimes it happens - in a month 5-7 times it happens with me also like got 7-10 clicks and a good earning and then within an hour it reduces to 1-2 clicks and earnings according to these 1-2 clicks.


I got 50 clicks from approx.10 page views.
Thanks for your help @GulshanKumar and @DUGGU


You’re welcome!


Once I want to check your website can you please share either here or in personal message


Do you have any suggestions for me sir?


Get back to you in the night after checking it … in the day time I was in office … no laptop no phone


You shared it in a forum… :roll_eyes:


Oops, i thought it was a message😑
But I think no need to worry as all people are our friends here…